Some recent installations and rollouts include:

Suncorp Stadium High Definition MATV Upgrade – Upgrade to the MATV TV System delivering High Definition TV broadcast throughout the stadium.

National Keno Nova Rollout – Installation and maintenance of Keno gaming systems for venues throughout Australia, including self service terminals, LAN systems, video wall display systems, and staff terminals.

NBNCo National Rollout – Installation of Satellite and Fixed Wireless NBNCo systems to houses and businesses throughout Queensland and NSW.

Sky Racing Services – Installation, and maintenance of Sky Racing systems in venues throughout Qld, NSW and Western Australia.

Ubet Kiosk Installations Suncorp Stadium – Installation of 2 x UBet Kiosks with quad screen vision at Suncorp Stadium utilizing Fiber Optic broadcast.

Foxtel Commercial Infrastructure – Installation and Maintenance of over 15,000 Foxtel Commercial systems throughout NSW, Qld, Western Australia and Torres Islands to Hotels, Clubs, Schools, Businesses, Estates and Highrises.

Qld Government – Installation of Audio Visual & Data products into Parliament House, 100 George Street Ministers Offices, Treasury, Amberley and Enoggera Barracks and for the G20 Summit.

  • National Keno rollout
    Installation of Keno into over 200 commercial venues nationwide
  • NBNCo National Rollout
    Installation of NBNCo services to over 2000 homes and businesses
  • Sky Racing Services
    Installation & maintenance of Sky Racing to over 2000 venues
  • Foxtel Commercial Infrastructure
    Installation of Cable Network Earth Station, and over 15,000 commercial and domestic installations
  • Qld Government
    Installation of audio, visual, data and security systems for ministers offices, and Dept of Finance
  • Qld Education
    Design and Installation of 3.0m Sat based communications systems for remote schools incl Torres Strait Islands