Redback Remote Program Selection Wallplate (Suits A 4470/80)

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Redback A4490A Remote Program Selector

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The addition of this optional wallplate allows remote selection of any of the input sources connected to the A 4480 switcher, and adjustment of the local zone & local input volume.

In addition, when connected to the A 4478 local zone input wallplate, it allows the use of a local signal source, such as a wired mic, radio mic or aux source, which VOX mutes the selected input from the A 4480.

Lock function prevents unauthorised adjustment.

All connections are made using a single Cat 5 or similar data cable.


  • Remote selection of input audio source
  • Volume control of local zone
  • Provision for input of local microphone or line level audio via A 4478 wall plate
  • Cat5e connection to A 4480
  • Powered from the A 4480

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm


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